One Planet Apartments is one of its kind facility specially designed for the young & energetic people. It is aimed to provide world-class features & services not only to the people living alone, but also to the couples or families with children. It is an attractive & affordable community for the people who wants to live a healthy sustainable life within a fair share of our earth’s resources.

One Planet Apartments are not only designed to be as energy efficient as possible, but where there are also the services, infrastructure and design features that makes it as easy, attractive and affordable for people do the environmentally friendly thing.

One Planet Apartments is creating a  green neighborhoods by ensuring

  • Zero carbon : All the facilities for daily need are at walking distance so you need not to waste time & fuel. Keeping the design highly energy efficient.
  • Solar Energy usage
  • Culture & community : Reviving local identity & wisdom by supporting & other art programs
  • Health and happiness : Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to prompt good health and well being.
  • Reviving knowledge : By providing education on reducing waste & carbon foot prints.

We believe it is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve our environment in which we all live.